The “Trinquet Mendionde” is an indoor sports hall where Basque pelota is practiced which can be made available to the hotel's residents.

You can try the “bare hand”, the pala ancha or other specialty. The equipment can be made available at the reception of the hotel and the rental of the trinquet can be booked. The Trinquet being covered, it allows to practice any sporting activity in rainy weather. Built by Henri Mendionde after his return from captivity of the Second World War (1945), the Trinquet is an institution for the elders in the Basque Country. Many challenges and tournaments of pelota have been played and you can find it at the museum of the pelota in Saint Pée sur Nivelle. Luis Mariano and other local figures cheerfully practiced this kantxa.

A tournament of “bare hand” is held there traditionally every year during the festivals of the district Amotz (around July 14, a little before the Holy Mary Magdalene) organized by the association Esku Pilota. The pelotaris of the region train there in the year, at pala-ancha as at “bare hand”.